Covid-19 Policies and Regulations

The Triangle Aquatic Center and it’s staff are committed to providing the safest environment possible for you to return to your fitness, safety and recreational activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Each TAC program is designed to provide the opportunity for our patrons to reengage in programs at a level that must satisfy their own personal safety and health concerns.  TAC provides and environment that meets or exceeds all recommendations of the CDC and state and local governments. 

TAC has updated its COVID-19 protocol based on the most recent recommendations by the CDC.  The new protocol includes a separate process for patrons who have been fully vaccinated.  A fully vaccinated person is someone who is 14 days past their J&J shot or 14 days past their second Pfizer or Moderna shot.

This page will provide you the latest information pertaining to TAC procedures and communications regarding COVID-19.