I Swim For

Mission Statement

To build and operate aquatic facilities for the Health, Safety, Recreation and Competition needs of Triangle citizens and aquatic organizations.

The I Swim For… Mission Fundraising was developed to help the non-profit Triangle Aquatic Center fulfill its mission to the Triangle Community.

The primary focus of this Mission Fundraising is to support our efforts surrounding Health and Aquatic Safety. Every dollar raised from the I Swim For… Mission Fundraising will go to these two cornerstones of our commitment to Triangle citizens.

TAC is committed to providing the leadership necessary to help save lives by raising awareness and providing quality swim lessons for the entire Triangle community. Additionally, our focus includes providing the facility and environment to promote healthy living through expanded TAC Programs.

To carry out this very important mission, participation from our TAC Patrons and the Triangle Swim Community is essential to help make these goals a reality. That is where the I Swim For… Mission

Fundraising comes in.  I Swim For…  is predicated on a very simple premise, each supporter giving $5.00 per month, debited from your credit or debit card, and that’s it.

The key to the success of the program is the fact that this dollar amount would allow and encourage all to participate. So instead of a select few getting asked all the time, we want all of you to participate, and equally important, ask your family members and friends to do the same.  Fulfilling our mission will benefit every TAC patron and we know the importance of TAC in your family’s lives.  To be able to participate at such a reasonable level makes this choice an easy one for you.

Please press the Donate Now button below to make your pledge to TAC and the Triangle Swim Community.  Select the $5 per month pledge level or feel free to donate at a higher level.