Smart Athlete Physiotherapy

Located just to the right of the TAC reception desk, Smart Athlete Physiotherapy has been providing physical therapy, preventative care and recovery for athletes and active individuals in the Raleigh area for the past 4 years.  Their services are designed to get you back to what you love to do and take your game to the next level. 

Smart Athlete PT has put together a collection of Raleigh’s most experienced physio’s in treating athletes and over-use injuries.  They have experts that specialize in helping endurance athletes, especially swimmers,  stay pain free and perform at their best.  

They have been challenged with countless injuries and can give you the quickest solution to your problem. Their personalized treatment strategy coupled with proven techniques will leave you feeling better in no time!  Upon your introductory call to Smart Athlete they figure out which physio you best match up with to maximize your time with them.  

Their ultimate goal is to turn you into a Smart Athlete.  What is a Smart Athlete? An informed, educated, self advocate that can listen to their body and take their health into their own hands. Become a Smart Athlete today!

To schedule please call 919.424.6055 or email [email protected].  For more information visit their website at www.smartathletept.com