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Make A Splash

Triangle Aquatic Center has partnered with USA Swimming’s “Make A Splash” learn-to-swim initiative. Through this partnership, we are able to offer reduced swim lessons to eligible children in our community.

Thanks in part to grants and funding for “Make A Splash”, Triangle Aquatic Center is accepting registrations for group learn-to-swim lessons through our Titans Swim Academy for school aged children, ages 5 – 18. Triangle Aquatic Center shares the same mission as “Make-A-Splash” to bring awareness of the importance of water safety to ensure children are given the opportunity to learn how to swim!

  • 46% of parents of at-risk swimmers said they are afraid that their child will drown or become injured by swimming
  • 91% of African-American children will not learn to swim if their parents do not know how
  • 56% Hispanic or Latino children and six out of 10 African-American children are unable to swim

Please contact Jenn Patetta or stop by our Welcome Desk if you or your youth-based organization would like to participate in swim classes or if you would like to contribute to this important effort.