Make A Splash

TAC is committed to providing the leadership necessary to help save lives by raising awareness and providing quality swim lessons to the entire Triangle community. In order to provide lessons to the entire Triangle community, TAC has partnered with USA Swimming’s “Make-A-Splash

Created by the USA Swimming Foundation, Make-a-Splash’s initiative is to save children’s lives through swim lessons. Through this program, eligible swimmers in the Triangle can register for swim lessons at a free or reduced rate. Swimmers must submit free or reduced lunch eligibility letters from their school system to qualify, and after approval, they are able to enroll in the TITANS Aquatic Programs – Learn to Swim. We believe that the best learning happens in an inclusive environment, so all Make-a-Splash participants are enrolled in our public lessons where no swimmer is grouped based on their race, gender, or socioeconomic status. TAC is proud to be recognized as a Make-a-Splash Local Partner and one of the largest Make-a-Splash programs in the country!

In a recent report published by Wake County Human Services1, there has been an average of 35.2 drowning cases per year in Wake County between 2012 and 2018. Most of these drowning cases occurred in a pool and with individuals between the ages of 2 and 4. Other reports provided by USA Swimming report the following:

Thanks in part to grants and generous donations for Make-a-Splash, Triangle Aquatic Center is accepting Make-a-Splash registrations and enrollments! Triangle Aquatic Center shares the same mission as Make-a-Splash to bring awareness of the importance of water safety to ensure children are given the opportunity to learn how to swim!

Please contact Darria Chance or stop by our Welcome Desk if you or your youth-based organization would like to participate in swim classes or if you would like to contribute to this important effort.

"It’s an incredible feeling to know that USA Swimming Foundation funding will be used to create a valuable swimming experience for thousands of children who may not have had the opportunity to learn how to swim,” Scott Usher, Director of Development for the USA Swimming Foundation said. “We are thrilled with the depth of this year’s swim lesson provider applicant pool and we couldn’t be prouder to support these life-saving opportunities for children across the country. We owe a tremendous thank you to our partners and donors who continue to make a difference in our mission of saving lives and building champions."

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