TAC Hosts the 2022 TITANS Polar Plunge This Weekend

2022 Kicks off with our first large event of the year – the 2022 TITANS Polar Plunge. Nearly 1100 swimmers from across North and South Carolina will be at TAC this weekend to compete in this 7-session meet. Friday evening’s an open timed finals sessions getting underway at 5pm. Saturday and Sunday feature morning Prelims and evening Finals for our 13&O athletes. Mid-day our 12&Us take center stage with Timed Finals. This meet also features a Time Trial session on Monday, January 17th.

Due to the recent COVID outbreak, we have implemented a number of changes for this event.

  • No non-participants are permitted in the building for this event.  Only swimmers/coaches/officials/meet volunteers.  
  • Please follow signage for Swimmer Drop and Pickup.  Please note that there is no standing or waiting in the outside lane of the Swimmer Drop Off / Pickup lanes.
  • All meet personnel (swimmers/coaches/officials/meet volunteers MUST wear a face covering or mask at ALL TIMES while inside of TAC.  Please be sure that everyone who enters the building comes equipped and is wearing a face mask.
  • Parents and family not participating in the meet may use the TAC lobby restrooms.  Please note that these restroom will be monitored by security who will allow only a limited number in the building at a time to use the restrooms.  EVERYONE ENTERING THE BUILDING TO USE THE RESTOOM MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING OR MASK.

The Triangle Aquatic Center is proud to offer TAC-TV, our streaming network, for this event.  TAC-TV allows you to follow the action of every swim  on your personal device.  Please note that you should ideally use Wi-Fi or your own personal Hot Spot to view a live stream (cellular network service can be unreliable).  TAC Wi-Fi does not service the parking areas around our building.  To access the channel and to purchase a subscription, go to www.tv.triangleaquatics.org.  

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