CBS17 News: TAC Opens Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool

Watch the CBS17 News Segment Here

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — The TAC Titans have a new swimming pool.

Monday, the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary unveiled a new 7-feet-deep, 50-meter pool.

Swimmers got the chance to take the first dip after four years of planning.

“This is a part of a $10 million dollar expansion. Water is badly needed for year-round swimming,” said TAC founder Michael Curran.

The TAC Titans says the new pool will allow them to accommodate more swimmers especially as the team continues to grow.

It’s badly needed as swimming in the triangle is increasing in popularity.

“This will allow us to expand our programs, it will allow us to expand the number on the swim team itself and have more convenient practice times rather than practice at 9/9:30 at night,” said TAC Titans head coach, Bruce Marchionda.

Right now, the team has 864 swimmers.

With the new pool, they’re hoping to be able to accommodate up to 1,000.

Not to mention swim meets and championships bring in money to the Cary community.

“We generate over 10 million dollars of economic benefit for our community just by all the swim meets that we sponsor here, and this will help us continue to add additional swim meets because we have more water to be able to support it,” said Curran.

Competitive swimmer, Claire Curzan, often trains in this pool for competitions and the Olympics.

She told CBS 17 the pool will be a big benefit for her and other swimmers.

“Having this much space just to be able to accommodate so many people I think it will bring a lot of new stars to the area.”

The new pool also includes heating and cooling technology allowing swimmers to train all year round.

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