Our Slow Return to Normal at TAC – a Message from the TAC Board President

As we all consider the slow return to normal across all aspects of our lives, this is a good time for us to update you on the steady progress we are making at TAC. For many people, there will be some understandable anxiety about next steps. To that end, we will continue to do many of the things that we feel are in the best interest of the health and safety of all our patrons. So far, not a single transmission of COVID-19 has occurred within our building, and our highest priority is to keep it that way.

We are pleased to report that the vast majority of TITANS coaches and TAC staff have received COVID-19 vaccinations to minimize the risk of transmission and to protect themselves and others. We encourage all patrons to thoughtfully consider doing the same so that we can achieve “herd immunity” together.

We were excited to hear the recent recommendations by the CDC and the newest Executive Order from Governor Cooper’s office. Based on that guidance, some policies at TAC are changing while other policies will remain (for now) the same.

What Is Changing?
• We are inviting patrons back into the facility. This includes the upper and lower lobby, the Poolside Grill, Smart Athlete Physiotherapy, The Endurance Edge, and the Spectator Stadium area. However, we are still asking everyone visiting TAC to remain masked at all times.
• Coaches, lifeguards, and TAC staff who are fully vaccinated are permitted to remove their masks – both on deck and in the remainder of the facility. Coaches, lifeguards, and TAC staff that are not fully vaccinated are still required wear a mask. We still strongly encourage everyone to maintain social distance while at TAC.
• Pools are no longer restricted to a maximum number of swimmers per lane, nor are swimmers required to maintain social distance while in the pool. In this one specific way, what visitors may see during practice is “back to normal.”

What Is Staying the Same?
• Swimmers on deck (and in dryland workouts) are still required to wear a mask at all times when not in the pool. Because many swimmers are not yet eligible for the vaccine, our cautious approach (similar to what is required for schools and camps) means swimmers must wear masks when they are not in the water. Swimmers are permitted to take off their mask when they are wearing their suit, and are readying their cap and goggles in preparation to enter the pool.
• We are still restricting who is allowed on the pool deck to participants only – that includes swimmers, coaches, lifeguards, TAC staff, and people involved in non-TITANS swim programs.
• The TAC staff continues to follow all recommended cleaning protocols throughout our facility to maintain a healthy environment.

While we welcome these changes that will take effect immediately, we also encourage all patrons to continue to do your part to minimize the risk of illness by getting vaccinated as soon as you are able. Until then, please wear a mask, stay socially distant from each other, and wash your hands frequently.

As an additional reminder, if any patron is symptomatic or exposed to a COVID positive individual, we continue to ask that you notify TAC and do not come to the facility to limit possible transmission of Illness. TAC’s current COVID protocol is located here.

We have not made any final decisions about how swim meets at TAC will change based on the new guidance. We will continue to monitor the information from the CDC and the Governor’s Office and consult with our medical professionals about their recommendations. Up to this point, TAC has taken a very conservative approach to the risks posed by COVID-19, and we will not significantly change our strategy at this point. Our current meet protocols will remain in place through the TYR Triangle Classic, which is scheduled for June 11th through June 13th.

We look forward to the day when we can throw open the doors and return to running TAC the way we did before COVID. Until then, let’s take each step together on our return to normalcy. As always, if you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]

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