New Open Swimming Protocol and Schedule for Summer 2021

Summer is here and program changes are happening to our Open Swimming protocol and schedule for the Summer of 2021.

Beginning Monday, June 21, we continue to emerge for the restrictions caused by COVID. We are reverting Open Swimming back to the protocol that was in place Pre-COVID. We will not longer be creating a Open Swimming Signup and have posted on our website all available open swimming lanes and times by pool on our website.

GO TO for a daily breakdown by pool for the complete open swimming schedule FOR NORMAL OPERATIONS. Schedules and lane availability can and will change based on events, meets and rentals. It is still best to contact our front desk at 919.459.4045 to verify lane availability on the day you wish to swim.

Those with monthly and annual passes can just scan in and go to the deck during non-primetime hours (8am-3pm, Monday-Friday). You must check in with the Front Desk during all other hours. Our guards will have lanes designated for Open Swimming identified in both the Competition and Program Pools, when rec swimming is available.

Please be aware that Open Swimming hours and lane availability is limited in the summer months, as our TITAN swimmers are out of school. The practice times for the different groups have been adjusted, now utilizing water most of the open hours of our Program and Competition Pools. This will change as we get into August and get back to a regular schedule for Fall/Winter/Spring.

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