TAC Sets Hours of Operations and New Rec Swimming Schedule for Fall 2020

TAC Sets Hours of Operations and New Rec Swimming Schedule for Fall 2020

It’s hard to believe that our “unique” summer experience is coming to an end…

Beginning Monday TAC will be adjusting our Hours of Operations to account for the new Fall 2020 season as follows:

Monday-Friday: 5:30am-9:30pm
Saturday: 5:30am-4pm
Sunday: 8am-3pm

The primary reason for the change in hours is to accommodate the new fall practice schedule for the TITANS. As always, hours will fluctuate depending on Events and Rentals.

With the new TITANS practice schedule, TITANS will now swim a maximum of four (4) swimmers per lane for their practices. Rec Swimming has been adjusted as well. We have maintained the 50-minute sessions but have designated several of the morning sessions as PRIME which means that rec swimming will be at four (4) swimmers per lane during those sessions. All other rec swimming sessions remain at two (2) swimmers per lane. Rec swimming sessions will now begin on the half-hour instead of the top of the hour.

Beginning Monday all swimmers – TITANS/Masters/Rec – that are scheduled to swim between 5:30am-10:30am will now enter/exit the pool deck on their own – NO ESCORTS. Groups will still be required to wait in the Spectator Stadium until it is time for the re group to enter the deck, but they can do so now on their own. ALL OTHER SWIMMING AFTER 10:30AM WILL STILL REQUIRE ESCORTS TO BRING GROUPS ON/OFF DECK. Locker rooms will remain closed to anything other than restroom usage.

For the complete listing of hours and recreational swim schedule CLICK HERE

We are hopeful that Phase 3 will allow us to re-open programs like Group Lessons and Fitness. The management staff is working hard to prepare for these changes.

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