TAC to Host the 2021 YMCA Summer Swim Festival July 22-25

Our month of big events continues this weekend as TAC hosts the 2021 YMCA Summer Swim Festival, July 22-25. Over 500 swimmers from up and down the eastern U.S. will be coming to Cary to compete in the four day / 8 session event. Hosted locally by the YMCA of the Triangle Area, the Y-Fest features morning Prelims and evening Finals each day.

TAC still has several COVID-related restrictions in place that must be followed by all patrons – both inside and outside the building for this event:

  • No non-participants are permitted in the building for this event.  Only swimmers/coaches/officials/meet volunteers. 
  • Parking is only permitted in the parking lot that was part of the former Cary Towne Center and TAC’s new West parking lot – directly across from the main building and access road to Swimmer Drop Off and Pickup.  There is no event parking in any lot surrounding TAC’s main buildings.  Parking is only permitted in designated parking spaces. 
  • Please follow signage for Swimmer Drop and Pickup.  Please note that there is no standing or waiting in the outside lane of the Swimmer Drop Off / Pickup lanes.
  • All meet personnel (swimmers/coaches/officials/meet volunteers MUST wear a face covering or mask at ALL TIMES while inside of TAC.  Please be sure that everyone who enters the building comes equipped and is wearing a face mask.
  • Parents and family not participating in the meet may use the TAC lobby restrooms.  Please note that these restroom will be monitored by security who will allow only a limited number in the building at a time to use the restrooms.  EVERYONE ENTERING THE BUILDING TO USE THE RESTOOM MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING OR MASK.

The Triangle Aquatic Center is proud to offer TAC-TV, our streaming network, for this event.  TAC-TV allows you to follow the action of every swim  on your personal device.  Please note that you should ideally use Wi-Fi or your own personal Hot Spot to view a live stream (cellular network service can be unreliable).  TAC Wi-Fi does not service the parking areas around our building.  To access the channel and to purchase a subscription, go to www.tv.triangleaquatics.org.  

TAC is excited to welcome these teams and swimmers to Cary and wish all competitors the best of luck this weekend!

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