TAP Adds New Group Program – TITANS Future

The TITANS Aquatic Programs (TAP) has added a a new group instruction program that focuses on those swimmers who have graduated from learn-to-swim.

Titans Future is where swimmers can go to improve their skills prior to Titans Prep or Junior Titans. Titans Future will teach your swimmers introductory breaststroke, butterfly kick, open turns, and continue practicing freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers can enroll in Titans Future if they do not wish to join a competitive swim team, or if they do and have been wait-listed for the team.

This group is for those swimmers who have graduated from Titans 2C or those who have been evaluated and approved for registration.

Lessons will take place in both the Instructional and Program Pools. There is a Semi-Annual Registration Fee of $10, which is good for all individual lessons purchased for six months. The cost is $20 per class, and you can sign up for what days and times work best for your schedule!

Sign up today!

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