TITANS Aquatic Programs Adds New Weekend Clinics for TITANS 2 Group

Starting in March on select weekends TITANS Aquatic Programs will offer new weekend clinics for those currently registered in TITANS 2B and 2C classes.  These clinics, which will be held in our 25YD Program Pool, will focus on two primary skill sets.  One clinic will concentrate on water entry, as we introduce the swimmers to diving, first from the side of the pool and then eventually off of the starting blocks.  The other clinic will focus on building endurance in both freestyle and backstroke by introducing longer swim distances to our lesson program.

There is no additional cost for these clinics if you are registered in a lesson package.  The clinic(s) simply count as one of your scheduled classes, if you wish to enroll.  The clinics are available for registration and can be selected as just a regular swim lesson.  For more information, CLICK HERE.

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