TITANS Aquatic Programs: Group Lesson Program Restarts October 23rd

The long wait is finally over!

The Triangle Aquatic Center is pleased to re-open our TITANS Aquatic Programs: Group Lesson Program starting October 23rd.  The Center has meticulously prepared for the return of our group programs by ensuring our patrons a safe and sanitized environment throughout our entire facility.  Our staff is constantly maintaining all areas including restrooms/locker rooms, seating areas, pool areas and entrance/exit to our pool deck.  While our instructors emphasize safety in the water, all staff are working to ensure your safety at all times within TAC. 

Program Manager Mariana Pulgarin returns with our exceptional staff of instructors with a class schedule that focuses on flexibility for our patrons.  Weekday evening and weekday classes are now available for registration.  For those who had purchased the annual registration and had an account setup for our lesson program we have you covered.  Your account can now access the new class schedules and you can signup online.  The annual registration fee has been extended so you haven’t lost any time from your original purchase.  If you are new to TAC Group Lessons – we’re all set for you as well.  Our user-friendly online registration is easy to complete and our outstanding customer service staff is always available to help. As a bonus, any new or existing account that registers for our Group Lessons before October 31st will receive a $25 credit to your account to use on your future purchases.

Class size is limited.  Social distancing requirements are in effect at TAC including mandatory wearing of face masks, locker room changing area limitations and limited non-participating patrons all designed to ensure the safety of all of those who come to TAC.   Our Group Lesson Program still boasts the smallest class size in the area which guarantees the most individual attention for your child.  Please CLICK HERE to register for classes or call 919.459.4045 for more information.

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