TAC to Reopen for Recreational Swimming

The Triangle Aquatic Center is pleased to announce that we will be reopening our Facility in limited capacity for our Recreational Swimmers beginning on Monday, May 25th.  TAC has prepared our Center to ensure the safe return of our patrons as we follow and adhere to all recommended guidelines put in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  CLICK HERE to review our policies for the Center, including parking, entry and exit of the building and COVID-19 restrictions for you that must be adhered to for participation in this program.

Rec Swimming is for ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS WHO WISH TO EXERCISE ONLY.  THERE IS NO WATER PLAY TIME AVAILABLE DURING THIS PHASE.  No one is permitted into the building unless they are scheduled to swim – no spectators or non-swimmers.

TAC will limit Rec Swimming to two (2) persons per lane. Each will setup at opposite ends of the lanes to maintain social distancing.  Restroom facilities are for restroom use only.  No changing or showering is permitted at this time. 

Upon entering the building, you will be instructed on where to safely assemble prior to be taken to the pool deck. You will enter the pool area as a group.  Do not attempt to access the pool deck without a TAC staff member guiding you to your lane.  We will not be able to permit you to swim if you are late for your session – please do not be late!

The swim period is for 40 minutes.  At the conclusion of the swim period you must exit the water immediately and gather your belongings to be escorted off the deck.  You must exit the deck without delay and without any stopping along the way.

Rec Swimming is limited to one (1) session per day per personIn an effort to allow more of our rec swimmers the opportunity to swim, please do not signup for rec swimming on back-to-back days.  Thanks for your understanding and patience as we slowly reopen rec swimming.

We will be posting a Signup Genius for you to reserve a Rec Swimming slot.  You must be signed up on this list in order to rec swim – no walk-ins are permitted at this time.  It is our hope that as Phase 2 continues to expand, we will be expanding Rec Swimming availability as well.  We anticipate the release of the schedule to be sometime this Sunday, May 24th

Initially, we will offer the link to the signup to our current patrons only, meaning you must have a monthly or annual pass to gain access to the signup link. TAC will be open this Saturday from 7am-1pm to purchase passes and then next week, Monday – Saturday from 7am-7pm. We will expand to offer purchase of daily passes as we progress through this reopening.

We are very pleased to be able to welcome our patrons back to the Facility and look forward to operating at a normal schedule sometime soon.

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