TAC has Revised our Station-Based American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Program

Since restarting our lifeguard certification program in mid-May, the Triangle Aquatic Center has certified hundreds of new area lifeguards and our numbers for the July classes remain very strong. TAC implemented a station-based blended learning program in May with our restart and we have learned many things about this innovative approach to certification. With this information and the outstanding feedback provided by our patrons, TAC will be making several revisions to the program beginning August 1st.

The required Pre-Course in-water skills test has been added to our schedule as a separate program. TAC will be offering this class multiple times each month, and in the busy season, multiple times each week. Any potential lifeguard must complete this class prior to purchasing and registering for the full lifeguard certification. The cost for this class is $20 and is available to purchase today online. BY adding this as a separate class no longer, we will no penalize the applicant who may fail the Pre-Course the cost of the entire certification class – a practice that is done by all other certification programs in the Triangle area.

We have eliminated two separate sessions of the Dryland training portion of the full certification and combined them into one station. We’ve listened to our instructors and have monitored the length of the two separate classes and felt that it was unwarranted to bring our participants back for two separate stations for this portion of the training.

We’ve also simplified the process for registering by providing and updating documents that can walk you through the on-line application in just a few minutes.

So beginning August 1st, a blended learning full certification course registration will now consist of a 4-pack of stations: Dryland, Water Skills, Spinal Injury and then the Final Evaluation. Applicants should complete the on-line portion of the course prior to coming to TAC before their first station class. We’ve also dropped the price on the full certification to $275. The new 4-station format will allow those who choose the ability to complete the certification in just two days. For those who want to spread out their certification to fit their scheduling needs, station-based learning is an ideal choice for that option.

We’ll continue to monitor the station-based full certification program and will update the process as needed based on feedback from patrons and staff. To learn more about the American Red Cross Blended Learning Full Certification Program CLICK HERE.

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