Update to TAC’s Recreational Swimming Process

As we continue in Phase 2 Reopening, TAC is very happy to offer recreational swimming to our patrons in a group format. As this is a new experience for all of us, we truly appreciate your patience as we adapt our programs to fit the safety and needs of our patrons.

We feel that at this point we need to update everyone on the process for signing up and coming to recreational swim. Please see and follow the process information below:

  • Monthly and Annual Pass Holders only are able to access the Signup Genius link for scheduling swim sessions.  Monthly and annual passes are available for purchase at the front desk.
  • Patrons interested in purchasing a day pass to recreational swim must call or visit the front desk THE DAY THEY WISH TO SWIM.  There are no reservations beyond the current day for day pass holders.
  • Day pass holders MUST state the number of swimmers in their group that will be swimming in the requested session and must also be clear on the pool they are signing up for.
  • Following our Phase 2 protocols, use of the Competition and Program pools are for lap swimming only.  There is no family or recreational swimming in these pools.
  • All patrons MUST arrive ready to swim.  There is no access to locker rooms or changing areas.
  • Swim sessions are 50 minutes in length and the pools must be cleared at the completion of a session.
  • We STRONGLY RECOMMEND all patrons where face coverings while inside TAC.
  • Non-Participants are not permitted and must wait for participants outside of TAC.  This includes parents of children. 

We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work through each phase of reopening our Center under the restrictions of the pandemic.  

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